The Gawker Review Weekend Reading List [3.28.15]

Are we being who we think we should be or who we think other people want us to be? Hyun Kim, meditating on the matter of habits, posed this question two weeks ago. But maybe it's less a question of who we think we should be and who we think other people want us to be, and instead a question of who we are. So, who are… » 3/28/15 1:40pm Saturday 1:40pm

Freedom Song: A Conversation About the State of Black Liberation Music

In the lyric pamphlet to Black Messiah, D'Angelo's third album after 14 years away from the spotlight, the soul-savant explains his reasoning behind its title and sudden release: "Some will jump to the conclusion that I am calling myself a Black Messiah," he begins. "For me the title is about all of us...It's about… » 3/25/15 2:45pm Wednesday 2:45pm

The Gawker Review Weekend Reading List [3.21.15]

The rumors are true: Emoji God is dead. Why oh why do you hate us, Tim Cook? What did PrayerHandsEmoji truthers ever do to you? To this, and other acts of technological religious eradication, we say: Long live Emoji God. » 3/21/15 11:15am 3/21/15 11:15am

Empire Is a Wonderful, Extravagant Mess and I Never Want It to End

Empire wrapped its spectacular, record-breaking first season last night with a two-hour finale. If you've been glued to FOX every Wednesday at 9 p.m. for the last 11 weeks, one thing is very clear: Empire is undeniable. » 3/19/15 4:50pm 3/19/15 4:50pm

Hundreds March at UVA to Protest Brutal Arrest of Martese Johnson

Last night 300 students at the University of Virginia rallied to protest the violent arrest of Martese Johnson, a fellow student who was reportedly bloodied by officers Tuesday night for trying to enter a local pub with an alleged fake ID. » 3/19/15 11:05am 3/19/15 11:05am

Black UVA Student Beaten Bloody by Police Over Alleged Fake ID: Reports

There are multiple reports that third-year University of Virginia student Martese Johnson was brutally beaten by local law enforcement after trying to use a fake ID to enter Trinity Irish Pub Tuesday night, a local bar in Charlottesville. » 3/18/15 4:15pm 3/18/15 4:15pm

Why Do Police Keep Shooting the Mentally Ill?

The last tweet Anthony Hill sent read, "Never say never." Two hours later, around 2 p.m. on March 9, he was shot dead. Reports and video footage, captured moments before his death, spotlight Hill's erratic behavior: the 26-year-old Air Force veteran had been wandering The Heights apartment complex naked, crawling on… » 3/17/15 2:05pm 3/17/15 2:05pm

The Gawker Review Weekend Reading List [3.14.15]

In this week's Sunday Book Review, Zoë Heller and Adam Kirsch weigh the importance of an author's intended meaning versus a reader's interpretation of the text. Which is more important, they ask. "If a text can mean anything the reader wants it to mean, then why read it in the first place?" Kirsch argues. "Isn't… » 3/14/15 11:00am 3/14/15 11:00am